Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion
 RiverCityRags The Bandit

Seal Point Bicolor

TICA Supreme Grand Champion
TICA Mid Pacific - 2nd Best Ragdoll 2007/2008
TICA Mid Pacific - Best Seal Point/Bicolor 2007/2008
TICA Mid Pacific - 7th Best Long Hair 2007/2008
TICA Mid Pacific - 17th Best Allbreed Cat 2007/2008

Ragdoll Fanciers Club International - 8th Best Ragdoll 2007-2008
Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Cream of the Crop - 10th Best Ragdoll 2007/2008
Ragdoll International - 9th Best Ragdoll 2007/2008

Ragdoll Congress 2011, Sacramento, CA - 3rd Best Alter

Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion
RiverCityRags Lulu's Back In Town
Seal Point Bicolor

Regional Winner Champion
RiverCityRags Rhinestone Cowboy
Seal Point/Mitted

RiverCityRags Ragdolls

Sacramento, Ca



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